Words: Rich Norman

A few months ago some fantastic, candid UKSF pics were posted on the L119A2 Owners Club.

Enthusiasts seized upon these pics and dissected them – none more keenly than Jay Taranis. I was interested myself in the blaster setups, which showed a couple of things publicly for the first time.

Aspects of the pics added a different dimension to my own ‘working document’ on the L119A2, which was first published with Jay’s help in May 2016. Its been updated multiple times since then and Jay was kind enough to sense check it today.

However, the reason for this article is to divert readers to the blog Jay has written entitled: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

Channeling Guns ‘N Roses, it’s an apt title because when Appetite for Destruction – the album which opens with the track Welcome to the Jungle – was released, it was a paradigm shifting LP. Yes – I remember vinyl the first time around!

Now, Jay says GnR isn’t his favourite band which has made me go off him a little bit; but you should still give Jay’s article a read – preferably while listening to GnR like I just did 🙂

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