Words: Rich Norman

When the UKSF L119A2 story broke in 2016, post-Exercise Winchester Accord, I can remember talking excitedly with fellow enthusiasts.

We identified the third party parts and accessories seen on the A2s in the reference pics (in parallel with Colt Canada’s resources) on threads and back-and-forth messenger conversations. The thrill of the chase was palpable.

One of the early, easy wins was identifying the grip used; although I remember groaning inwardly at the time, because the real steel Ergo was known to be difficult to convert for PTW.

But not impossible.

PTW guru Tackleberry has clearly got his Ergo game on, in preparation perhaps for the amount of HAO L119A2s he will be building when their A2 PTW kit becomes available shortly.

The owner of the awesome PTW build above, buttley1985, had this to say:

As usual for Tackleberry it’s clean and fits perfectly.

Also note the real steel GG&G Aimpoint Micro T1 Mount and AR15 Vertical Grip, as reported right here on The Reptile House.

Both items were eBay bargains – the grip a mere £5!

Now, bear in mind that this Ergo example is an Ergo 2. The issued grip is actually the Original Ergo – but the Ergo 2 is close enough for many A2 builders.

Read more about the L119A2 here.

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