Words and Pics: @TheOtherGuy1999

I’ve been building a UKSF kit that’s as up to date as possible – based on recent public reference pics and private pics/info. It’s as legit as I can get it.

As such it’s an ‘impression’ rather than an ‘inspired by’ kit.

When it comes to making a decent UKSF kit, John D has made a great guide – the first in this series. It outlines what we have seen recently and what it takes to make a decent UKSF impression.

You can go down the lines of using replica kit, but I’ve always liked having real kit and feel it’s worth the money – even if it only sees the garden fence every now and then 😉

  • FMA Maritime with Multicam Hydrodip
  • Ops Core VAS Shroud
  • HM L4G24
  • Peltor Comtac XPI (Invisio Plug)
  • 3M Peltor Helmet Adaptors
  • OpsCore Counter Weight
  • ODG Helmet Cover
  • Helstar 6 Strobe
  • UJ Flag Patch
  • OpsCore Maritime Rails
  • OpsCore Carbon (Maritime Mod)
  • Princeton Tec MPLS

This is my interpretation of an assaulter kit, although there are many different paths you can choose e.g. breacher, signaller etc.


Different roles will affect how much ammunition you carry and its placement; comms kit; back panel set ups; breaching equipment.


  • Crye SPS GP
  • Blue Force Gear Frag Pouch
  • Safariland 6354do w/UBL Mid

As an assaulter, my kit is fairly slick and doesn’t require any specialist equipment; though depending on what is required from an event, my kit might change – for example if I was going to be changing radio channels more frequently, I could use a BFG radio pouch on the front left/right of my carrier so I could gain access quicker and easier.

Just to note here that we’re no longer really seeing the radio at the rear of the PC – but at the front. An interesting change in configuration.

  • Crye AC Combat Pants MC or Black
  • Crye AC Combat Shirt MC or Black
  • Crye G2 Knee Pads
  • Mechanix Mpact Tan/black
  • 2x Tourniquet
  • UK flag patch

Recently I set myself the task of modernising my rifle and pistol, starting with the rifle.

I have replaced the Aimpoint CompM4 with the Micro T2 – the ubiquitous optic within UKSF now, for obvious reasons. The Magpul AFG2 has also gone in favour of the BCM gunfighter Mod3 Vertical grip; similar, yet so different at the same time. I feel like the BCM vertical grip allows me to better manoeuvre and control the rifle, and the pressure switch controls.

I also plan to try out a couple of different light options: one being mounting the M600 up next to the LA5 on an offset mount, and replace the head with a KM2C – the latest Vampire head.

I am also going to try the Inforce WMLx (in black, obviously 😛) on the A2 to see how I get on with it; though it will most likely be used on my MCX.


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