Once the preserve of heroin addicts, EDCing a tourniquet is fast becoming de rigeur for those on the febrile pulse of preparedness; along with enrolling in the correct training which is, of course, absolutely essential for using a tourniquet (TQ) for anything other than cosplay.

Blue Force Gear (BFG) makes a really nice TQ pouch and this one comes from the UK’s go to BFG retailer, Tactical Kit. TQ sold separately.

Here’s BFG’s primer as per the technique required to extract the TQ:

The Torniquet NOW! Pouch comes in two flavours: belt mounted or MOLLE. Here I have the MOLLE version, which takes up just one PALS column.

The backing is BFG’s gold standard Helium Whisper, composed of their proprietary ULTRAcomp laminate.

The guts of the pouch is composed of the same elastic that BFG uses on their Ten Speed products.

The TQ is stuffed into this open ended tunnel, then secured with a wrap-around webbing strap, which closes with Velcro.

A tactile Hypalon-type tab is located at the top of the pouch, which when pulled activates the TQ deployment process (as shown in BFG’s video, above).

It’s simple, discrete and fast.