Are reviews of Crye stuff irrelevant? So strong is the Crye brand, that people will buy their stuff regardless.

I have to admit, with each Smart Pouch Suite (SPS) purchase I’ve made before, I’d been a bit underwhelmed. Having said that, in both instances, I’ve found a niche for each pouch and am currently unlikely to swap them out for something else.

With this in mind, I bought the GP Pouch 6x6x3. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed, and I’m not. But I have the feeling a niche will present itself.

Odin Tactical seems to be one of the few places in the UK which stocks Crye SPS pouches and they were really helpful with my purchase – so a big thanks to them. In fact, the last few Crye items I’ve bought have come from Odin and on the whole shipping has been pretty fast.

So, what’s so smart (multi-use) about this GP pouch? It’s a bit of a weird one in this instance, because general purpose pouches are supposed to be multi-use; but here’s Crye’s list, anyway:

  • Up to 8 double stack full-size pistol magazines
  • Individual medical kit
  • 5590 battery
  • PVS-15 NVG
  • ANVS-9 NVG
  • Fusion goggles
  • Five flashbangs
  • 100-round SAW drum
  • Five 40mm rounds (with optional insert)
  • Fifty loose 12 gauge rounds (2.75”)
  • Twenty 12 gauge rounds in optional inserts (5 rounds per insert)
  • 6”x6” MSAP side plate

They forgot to add wallet and keys…

As it’s name suggests, this pouch is 6″ by 6″ by 3″ when fully loaded.


All zip pulls are nicely finished the GoRuck way, with paracord and heat shrink. I get on with this style of zip pull best.

Both zips are reversed, to aid water resilience. Neither zip is particularly free-flowing, but they do appear to be of YKK manufacture.

The front zip pocket contains an ultralite ripstop nylon 19″ by 15″ SSE Bag:


Behind the front pocket lies the main pocket, which is double zipped. It has pull tabs on either side of the zip mouth, to aid opening.


There’s loop velcro on each wide face of the pouch.

On the rear of the pouch is Crye’s awesome hybrid SPS backer, which includes Hypalon MOLLE attachment points and a belt loop sleeve:


The pouch takes up just three PALS columns.

The reason I really like the backer is because the Hypalon is so easy to weave through PALS;  simply because the ends are stiffened.

It’s a simple pouch, but it’s a nice size and shape. Like I said, I’m not sure what role it’s going to play for now, but like my other SPS pouches I’m sure it’ll find its place.

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