If you don’t fancy swapping out your 1.25″ wide sling for a 1″ TacBelts Minimal 2-Point Sling, you can at least now leverage some of its functionality.

TacBelts’ original 1” hardware, top; the new 1.25” hardware, below

Andy from TacBelts has come up with a 1.25″ version of the sling attachment widgets, as pioneered in 1″ format by Frank Proctor and his Way of the Gun (WOTG) sling.

I tried out the widgets with my Magpul MS1 sling.


The longer paracord loop is for the muzzle. The longer cord allows it to be looped over a front end festooned with lasers, lights, etc; but without the tediousness of having to remove anything.

Replacing the steel sling hardware we generally see on modern slings, the paracord loops are a distinctive feature of WOTG style slings and hark back to an earlier era.

Paracord is quiet, strong, low bulk, and adapts to pretty much any muzzle and butt. The loops are connected to the webbing via high quality plastic hardware and tidied with shrink wrap.

In my 1.25″ implementation, Andy is using thinner paracord – 275 – and with the core intact; the 1″ product is 550 and has had its core removed.

275 paracord, left; 550 cored paracord, right

Leaving in the core, the thinner paracord should be even stronger. Not only that but it dresses down much better in the picatinny slots.

Handily, Andy points out the right and wrong ways to attach the muzzle end paracord loop (it’s easy to get wrong – I’ve done it myself). Also note the flexible plastic tubing fitted at both paracord ends, which comes with the sling and is cinched down for security:



What you notice when installed is the absence of bulk at the sling ends. Andy’s widgets make what is quite a cumbersome sling (when compared with hyper-minimalist WOTG style slings) into something almost slick.

At the moment I can’t see a downside with the change to thinner – but potentially stronger – 275 paracord. I appreciate the way it dresses down and stays in place within the picatinny up front. Andy also offers 325, and 550 paracord (the latter, only, cored) as mentioned earlier.

Needless to say, TacBelts’ quality and attention to detail shines through as usual in the widgets’ construction.

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