Do you want to mount something like a Ferro Dangler, Spiritus SACK or – indeed – a Crye Horizontal Mag Pouch on a Crye AVS?

Following on from my review of the excellent AXL (pronounced “axle”) Adaptive Vest Placard (AVP) for Crye AVS, I now turn to their AVS Sub-Load Adapter (or SLS) – provided by Tactical Kit and available from them.

Again, quality is sublime, with high quality materials and neat, straight and true stitching.


There are various ways to mount a Dangler or similar on an AVS, but AXL’s solution is as clever as it is effective.

Its big win is that it mounts the item against the user’s body – not in a stand off position beneath the front flap. This means the Dangler remains relatively stable – bulwarked as it is by the users’s body – and doesn’t swing like a pendulum as the user ambulates.

Not only that, but it allows the AVS flap’s lockdown popper to be closed – not something the user can do without modifying a Dangler or SACK when mounted under the flap.


The SLA utilises AXL’s plastic composite as a stiffener. I asked AXL about it, previously:

There is a long scientific name, but everyone just calls it “carbon fiber-like material.” It’s a Thermoplastic Composite. It has about 70% of the strength of carbon fiber composite. And we can sew into it; same material Crye uses in their products. They are the ones that told us what to use.

This stuff feels tough and lends flexible structure, adding a degree of load bearing rigidity. It carries weight well and avoids sagging.

Behind the webbing tabbed flaps are poppers, and tongues cut out of the plastic composite:

Note the scoops cut in the composite.

The tongues interface with the AVS and the poppers provide lockdown in this area:

It’s self evident, but I might as well say it: it’s a rock solid, ridiculously secure setup.

On the reverse of the SLA is a plain face which, when lifted, reveals a velcro sandwich:


Prior to installation, take a look at AXL’s video below or follow the link.

Back to those scoops in the plastic composite. Their reason d’être is to allow proper fit and function of the AVS Harness.

With the SLA installed, the user can now fit a Dangler or SACK.

In my case – fitting a Crye Horizontal Mag Pouch – I needed to utilise an AVS MOLLE Extension and some WTF Keepers:

Bear in mind that I’ve placed my Horizontal pouch off centre to the left, for easier access.


If you’re sick of Danglers, Lunchboxes, SACKs (or anything else you chose to dangle) slapping you in the gut as you run while wearing a Crye AVS, the AXL SLA is probably for you. Double that sentiment if at the same time you’re irked by not being able to secure the AVS flap’s lockdown popper.

This is a cool innovation. Once installed you will forget about it, unless you need to fit a Dangler – it doesn’t feel radically different to running the AVS without it.

The AXL AVS Sub-Load Adapter (SLA) is available from Tactical Kit.

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