The blog has enjoyed well over 300,000 views this year – its highest ever.

It’s been a good year, with some quality contributors and collaborations. Many thanks to everyone who’s supported The Reptile House in 2018!

In no particular order, here are the 10 most read articles. Click on each title to read the original post.

In The Wild: L119A2

An enduring article from way back in 2016. If anything it’s more popular now than ever, as interest in the L119A2 and UKSF has burgeoned. The article has been regularly updated, with a full rewrite in August 2018.

Tan Rifle’s CAG HK416D

A stellar article from late 2018. Tan Rifle created the blueprint for the CAG 416 in both the clone and impression communities – and built the rifle all others are judged by.

Crye JPC 2.0 Review

Crye has a huge following and rightly so. The blog got through quite a few plate carrier reviews in 2018, but the JPC 2.0 review – written in February – is one of the biggest.

Crye JPC vs. CPC

An excellent article written by Milsimminded, comparing and contrasting opposite ends of Crye’s plate carrier spectrum. The pictures alone would make this a popular post, but combined with Milsimminded’s considered user feedback it’s must read material.

Ferro Slickster Review

Another huge plate carrier review also written in February – thanks to the support the blog enjoys from premier U.K. retailer Tactical Kit. Without their help, I wouldn’t have had hands on with half as much high end kit.

Ferro Slingster Review

Another popular Ferro item was the excellent Slingster, which I reviewed in January. To accompany the article I also ran a Slingster giveaway – again thanks to Tactical Kit‘s generosity.

Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig Review

Whilst Spiritus Systems has diversified its range in 2018, the company’s micro chest rig remains the product for which it is best known. That’s reflected in the popularity of this review.

Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Review

In terms of rifle hardwear reviews, the Vortex Crossfire was incredibly popular. It’s an excellent optic, combining a T2-like form factor with the company’s cast iron warranty.

Red Group: Modern Ranger Kit List

Jon Sun adapted this kit list specifically for the blog. Another excellent piece, it has been rightly popular.

E27 Interview

Last, but not least. British UKSF impression group E27 delivered an incredibly popular interview in late 2017. This one is interesting because its popularity accelerated in the latter half of 2018 – showing how the group has caught the imagination of the UKSF impression scene and beyond. Of course, the excellent pics from Snook Snaps also helped.

Here’s to another year – thanks for reading!