If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

Team standards – or frameworks which can be interpreted – are one way to (for want of a better word) get that ‘uniform’ look and encourage the correct attitudes and behaviours.

Professional, cohesive and – quite frankly – not disco or half arsed; a decent rule set is the way forward and a team committed to a shared set of values (both aesthetic and behavioural) is one which is likely to be more than just the sum of its parts.

So, I’m always impressed when I see the kind of rubric which some teams put together, to help them present as serious, synergistic and organised.

I interviewed Jon Sun a few weeks back, about Red Group and off the back of that I joined Roberts Ragnars General Interest Group on Facebook:

This is the general interest page for Modern 75th Ranger impressionist (era 2016+) with the intention of creating a platoon sized element for Milsim West.

Admins are members of Orange and Red Group – Modern 75th Ranger Regiment impressionists based in Northern California.

Jon has produced an awesome Modern Ranger Kit List that can be found on the group, which is reproduced here with his kind permission.

– Rich Norman

Words and pics: Jon Sun

Every impressionist’s Bible should be a kit list and every impressionist should have one. This kit list details how to build the most complete modern Ranger look.

As readers may know, the Rangers went through many changes between 2013-2017. Era identification is crucial in depicting the kind of kit you’re trying to build.

Items marked in red will give the most up to date 2018 look.

Thanks for to The Reptile House for the share as always, and helping us with our goal of spreading the good word about Rangers!


  • Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt/Combat Pants MC
  • Crye Precision Airflex Kneepads TAN
  • Patagonia L9 Combat Shirt/Combat Pants MC
  • Patagonia L9 kneepads TAN
  • ECWCS L4-L6 MC
  • Outdoor Research Overlord gloves TAN/CB
  • Outdoor Research Firemark sensor gloves TAN/GREEN
  • Salomon Quests/Forces/Ultras
  • Merrell MOAB CB
  • LOWA Zeyphr KHAKI


  • Mixing of tops and bottoms is allowed
  • Crye Precision AC mixed with Patagonia L9s – gives the best modern look, if you want to use ACs


  • Ops Core Maritime
  • Ops Core VAS/Skeleton Shroud TAN
  • Ops Core Maritime cover MC
  • First Spear Ranger-modded Cover MC
  • Ops Core Battery Pouch MC
  • Ferro Concepts battery pouch
  • 3M Peltor Comtac III CB preferred/OD
  • 3M ARC rail adapters BLK
  • Hel-Star 5 BLK or 6 FDE
  • Manta
  • Princeton Tec MPLS TAN
  • Wilcox L4G24 FDE
  • PVS-31’s
  • PVS-31 Battery Pack BLK
  • Oakley SI M-Frames

First Line

  • Any riggers belt, Blackhawk preferred CB/Khaki
  • Crye Precision AVS belt
  • Ronin Senshi Belt MC
  • PRL with Kong Tango carabiner and snap shackle CB
  • Safariland 6354DO ALS MC
  • Eagle dump pouch w/MOLLE
  • High Ground Gear Roll-up Dump Pouch MC
  • Eagle Hand Warmer MC/AOR1

Second Line

  • Crye Precision AVS (standard or MBAV) MC
  • Eagle MBAV Khaki (SOFLCS/all MC pouches)
  • Crye Precision LV-MBAV MC
  • Crye Precision AVS Molle front flap MC
  • Crye Precision AVS Harness MC
  • Crye Precision AVS 6×9 side Plate Bags MC
  • Crye Precision Zip-on Panel  MC (optional)
  • Crye Precision JPC MBITR Flaps (optional)
  • Eagle SOFLCS pouches
  • Blue Force Gear Ten Speed M4 pouches
  • HSGI Taco M4/pistol pouches
  • ITW Fastmags
  • CAT TQ – check below for placement


  • Pouches can be user preference, as long as it’s MC
  • Rangers are starting to use more and more private purchased items
  • Just no fanny packs!

Third Line

  • Eagle BTAP
  • Eagle 3DAP
  • Mystery Ranch 3DAP or SATL – MC/CB
  • ALICE ruck


  • AN/PRC-148/152
  • U94 PTT preferred/Peltor


  • Baofeng is a good substitute, should you not be able to obtain a PRC-148


  • Block II
  • M249 SAW
  • MK48
  • CQB-R Block II
  • Glock 19
  • Carl Gustav
  • 240 Bravo
  • M320
  • M240 – weapons squad

Weapon Accessories

  • WMX200/Surefire 600 series
  • PEQ-15LAC
  • EOTech 553
  • EOTech EXPS
  • Aimpoint T2
  • Vortex Gen II Razor Shortdot
  • Elcan
  • Magpul AFG
  • Tango down short
  • Daniel Defense convert

Group Kit SOP

  • US IR Reverse Flag Patch on right shoulder
  • Callsign on left shoulder
  • Team group patch under callsign – but never worn downrange. Use more as an identifier for pics and staging areas. Patches can be stowed or hidden on person during games
  • IFAK placement can be on cummerbund or horizontally mounted on belt but must be on your left side
  • RLCS banger pouch on top right/L and R of your shoulder if you are running a bare back panel.  Otherwise, build your panel to be mission specific. Also, for airsoft purposes, RLCS bangers can be swapped for other munitions pouches such as V2 nade or smokes since the latter two will come in handy more so
  • Face should be clean shaven, if you need to have a beard, persec that bad boy.  Rangers are for the most part clean shaven unless water is scarce wherever they are stationed or RRC (Regimental Reconnaissance Company)
  • CAT TQ most seen is directly left or right of front panel.  Admin if its bare.  Visible/easily accessible for buddy aid is key

For an Opfor kit list, check out Truppa Krasnyj Banner’s guide here

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