The Slingster is a two point, padded, adjustable sling.

Two point slings of this sort are useful in that they allow you to cinch a weapon close to your body, while dealing with things which require both hands.

Adjusting the sling is achieved using the above mechanism and the attached loop – which is like a giant zip pull tab.

On smaller items (like The Dangler and some BFG pouches) I’m not that keen on the small pull tabs of this type, because of the inherent give in the rubbery polymer they are composed of.

On the Slingster, however, it works really well because 1. it’s gigantic and 2. you’re making big movements – not smaller, more precise ones. It’s also really grippy and easy to get hold of, compared to the webbing tab of a BFG VCAS or the paracord of a VTAC two point. A huge bonus.

Equally, like the BFG VCAS – and unlike the VTAC – there’s no ‘tail’ on the Slingster. Its adjustment system is captive – so there’s no trailing webbing when the sling is cinched close in.

Unlike most padded slings, the Slingster’s pad is removable *and* moveable. So you can adjust it to sit just where you want it. Also, rather than being stuffed full of foam, the pad is slim in cross section, but wide – spreading the load.

Adjusting the length of the sling per se is easy. It happens at the extremes only, which is also where user-selected weapon adaptors are added. This minimises the use of multiple tri-glides.

While adding weapon adaptors is an additional expense, you get to decide on exactly what you want.

Here I’m using a BFG sling swivel up front and a Mash hook at the rear:

Some users choose to direct mount their slings using just the webbing and tri-glides; so you get that option, too.

As usual with Ferro, quality is excellent and the sling is made in Canada. The webbing is flexible and the stitching is straight and true.

It’s one of the easiest two points to set up and use, and because there’s no tail it’s also frustration-free.

It just so happens that I’ve been given this particular Ferro Concepts Slingster to do a giveaway, by the good people over at Tactical-Kit: Ferro’s distributor.

The GAW will happen on the blog’s Facebook page.

If you want in on the current EDGE giveaway, it’s happening right now over on IG.

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