Words and Pics: Rich Norman


I think what I like best about the Spiritus Systems Fanny SACK Mk2 is its less is more design aesthetic.

It’s not over engineered.

It’s basically Spiritus’ gold standard SACK (Sub-Abdominal Carry Kit – my review here) without the PC/chest rig-compatible Velcro flap, and attached to a simple belt.

Nevertheless, depending on the colour you choose, the Fanny SACK is as much orientated towards EDC as it is tactical use.

I received this item free of charge from Spiritus’ U.K. distributor, Tactical Kit. That said I’m under no obligation to review the Fanny SACK – it’s just too good not to.


For me, the feature which best separates the Fanny SACK from other tactical bum bags is the way the belt attaches to the pouch. The triangular gussets on either side stop the pouch bouncing around as the wearer ambulates.

More tactical bum bag manufacturers should adopt this construction; it’s widely used in the sports and outdoor gear market. Compared to something like the FirstSpear E&R Waist Bag (my review here), Spiritus’ offering is positively limpet-like.

That said, the Fanny Sack is of lower capacity than FirstSpear’s offering and is just about the right size for EDC essentials.

The specs, from Spiritus’ website, are thus:

Height 4.50″
Width 7.00″
Depth 2.50

The steadying gussets feature useful hardpoints and in these pics I’ve accessorised with a DMM Tactical Carabiner (see my article here).

The Fanny SACK is divided into two compartments: one main compartment – accessed from the top – and a front slip pocket. Both are fastened using double zips, with textured pull cords.

If you’re not already familiar with Spiritus’ SACK series or it’s utility pouch (my review here), one of the defining features is the softshell face of the front slip pocket.

This four-way stretch material enables the user to quickly stash irregularly shaped items and because it expands outwards, it doesn’t steal space from the main compartment situated to its rear.

Turning the Fanny SACK inside out, the quality of the construction is clear – with evenly spaced, high count stitching which is straight and true. This is a feature of all Spiritus products that I’ve had hands on with.

Other features such as large loop Velcro fields on front and back faces, and lanyards at each side are also revealed.

Utilising the drainage holes in the base, supplied bungees can be used to provide underslung load carriage – in synergy with tethered cord locs.

I’m not using this feature with the Fanny SACK because I’ve been wearing it in public, but here’s a couple of pics showing how it can be used with the SACK.

Lastly, back to the simplicity which really makes this bum bag. The waist (or shoulder) strap is just webbing with high quality plastics.

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