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RAL8000 not doing it for you?

Going full black is a safe choice, aptly demonstrated by this awesome Tackleberry HK416A5 PTW build:


But it’s not the only way to have your black rifle.

Arguably the coolest A5s in the wild are those used by Polish SF:


And, as cool as the HK Slimline stock undoubtedly is, the A5 perhaps looks a little better with a classic milspec CTR or MOE stock; particularly in FDE as we see here (along with a cheeky tonal Arredondo magwell funnel).

When those Polish guys do something, they do it right.

Incidentally, I spotted another interesting in the wild A5 build on IG last week, courtesy of badseedc:


So what do we have here?

An A5 from a Polish SF unit (the exact one witheld) fitted post-issue with a DDC Geissele SMR – and note the Magpul MOE stock again, not a CTR.

The MOE is a little lighter than the CTR and provided you don’t have an undersized buffer, it’s a great stock.


Another interesting detail is the Surefire Scout mount up front – it’s this one:


The RM45.

Incidentally, badseedc is one of the good guys and runs the blog Tactical Assault Games, which is well worth translating.

I also spotted this pic of a Polish SF A5 with a very niche carbon fibre rail – which I believe is made by Lancer:


I’m not too sure about that particular look, but I admire the desire to get funky with mil hardware.

Polish SF’s experimentation with the look and feel of their A5s reminds me very much of the old trend in USSOF – prior to the Block II package being fully rolled-out – of updating their M4s with commercially available parts.

You can read more about that golden chunk of history, here.

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