First look at my Arredondo Magwell which arrived today, after Brownells UK’s Black Friday event.

I’ve put off this purchase for a while but the 20% off offer just tipped me over the edge.

It’s not a pretty piece of kit but it does work; in two ways:

  1. The funnel shape helps guide a mag into the magwell when under duress
  2. It creates a great platform if you’re into gripping the magwell

As for the latter, I think it’s the best magwell grip I’ve tried.

There’s also a third point as to how the items works for me, but it’s not a functional one in the strictest sense: the Arredondo fits the timeframe of my AFSOC-inspired Systema PTW.

Moulding and polymer? Well, it gets the job done but it’s a pretty rudimentary product.

Prior to receiving the Arredondo, I wasn’t too sure if it would go straight onto a PTW without work. I had an Israeli FAB Defense magwell grip back in 2010 (a UKSF favourite) and remember that needed to be modded to fit. One of the advantages of the PTW platform is that the form factor is pretty much 1:1, but there are even variances in RS magwell dimensions.

Luckily, my good friend Casper (Plante) fitted an Arredondo to one of his PTWs back in the day. He was using a Prime receiver set, like me, and he reported no issues.

Indeed, it was a drop-in fit. My only concern so far is how solid it’s going to be in situ.

Pics of the full AFSOC blaster to follow, but until then here’s a pic of an Army SF M4A1 in the wild from a recent blog I wrote.

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