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Interesting post on ar15.com from the summer. It documents the evolution of Stukas87’s blaster through three Afghan tours and culminates in a pic of the AR he uses presently, now retired.

Regular reader’s of the blog may recognise that Stukas87 is none other than Jeff Gurwitch – author of the seminal Defense Review series: Tactical AR-15/M4/M4A1 Carbine/SBR Aftermarket Accessories for Military Combat Applications: The Competition-to-Combat Crossover: Part 1,Part 2,Part 3.





Trying to shoot out to 500meters kinda difficult with only 4 power Elcan short barrel.
Went into 2015 with this switched after 1st fire fight:



With that went back to 14.5 for better ballistics
Its a heavy set-up but worth carrying for average distance I engaged threats 2015; around 300-400 meters.
Also shit canned a weapon light. 1 to cut weight and its Afghans job to go in 1st during building clearing.


The Stukas Set-Up
Geissele SSF trigger
SF 4 Prong Flash Hider with SOCOM Suppressor
Non Issued:
Ark Defense Enhanced SOPMOD Stock
BCM Gunfighter Grip
Magpul AFG
Trijicon VCOG 1-6 with 5.56 BDC
Predator off set mount with EOTech MRDS later replaced with Doctor sight
Arredondo extended mag well
Redi-Mag extended bolt catch
Raptor Charging Handle
Ambi selector lever
VTAC sling
Light when I did run one BlackHawk Gladius

In case you are wondering now that I’m retired here is my version of a clone of my old work gun
(Yes I know not even close to a M4A1) But what the Hell:
16inch Adams Arms with all that same crap, Burris Fast Fire II in Off set mount:


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