Words: Rich Norman

Media: HAO, Bou Yan, HK Pro & SMG Lee

Pics of the trade show A5 model with serial number 88-055885, have been confirmed as the data point of HAO’s new HK416A5 kit for Systema PTW.

The tone of this model is different from the service rifles which are seen in use with various militaries. The latter present with decidedly green receivers – as seen here:

Model 88-055885, on the other hand, presents as a mix of browns – as seem here:

Basing their A5 on 88-055885 and not a service rifle, HAO has prompted vigorous debate online; and I have been discussing the topic robustly with my friend Denis.

Some people prefer the original brown of 88-055885; others the green of the service rifle. Both palettes are termed “RAL8000” – rather confusingly.

This isn’t a new discussion, or one limited to the milsim and impression community – it’s even a talking point in RS circles.

Now, onto a bumper crop of detailed pics from HAO and the most interesting thing for me is the device at the rear lug:

I think I am right in saying that this is sprung, and helps prevent wobble between the upper and lower receiver in the RS. The idea is, the upper will be more widely compatible with 3rd party lowers.

I would guess this feature isn’t required with HAO’s tolerances but it is a nice touch. It’s this kind of painstaking detail which has made HAO the market leader in PTW parts.

Enjoy the rest of the pics and as usual big thanks to Bismarck; and to Miguel for taking such great pics. Also a huge thanks to Bou Yan for the video.


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