Presented here in Ranger Green, is Crye’s Horizontal M4 Single Mag Pouch.

It’s not a new design, but I’ve never had this particular model – or any other horizontal mag pouch for that matter – before now.

It’s a fairly simple proposition: rather than the PALS running vertically, keeping the mag upright, the channels are at 90 degrees. This means the pouch can utilise a position on your kit from which it was previously difficult to draw a mag. On the back of your belt, for instance.

MALICE clips provide the attachment system, and these come bundled with the product.

The pouch flap is the usual Crye profile: long, and shaped like the blade of a draining shovel.

It has no problem subsuming a Pmag with a Ranger Plate and secures using Velcro.

Initially a tight fit, the pouch loosens up with a bit of use. However, it does include an elastic retainer which keeps the mag snug.

While the majority of the pouch is constructed of a light weight, low denier cordura, the base of the pouch is finished with webbing for durability. The same is also true of the top of the mag flap – the exterior is reinforced with webbing.

This is a great pouch, which is as intriguing as it is useful.

S23 Ranger Eye sold separately.

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