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Canada rocks.

Cool kit rocks.

Imagine cool kit from Canada?!

The roots of Ferro Concepts are planted in the philosophy of supplying the highest quality tactical gear to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Professionals. Empowering our clients to do what they do best – protecting our freedoms day in and day out.  Today we live up to this mission by providing lightweight, durable and innovative gear catered towards the modern needs of our clients.

-Ferro Concepts™ Team

Ferro Concepts is based in Calgary, which is in Alberta, Canada. They make cool kit. It’s also pretty reasonably priced.

The pics here are of Ferro’s The Dangler. I bought this from Tactical Kit, who I believe are a major distributor of the brand. They’re certainly my go to kit retailer, because they have a really broad range of must have gear and they ship really fast.

The Dangler is a bum bag – or fanny pack. It attaches to platforms like the JPC, using a really versatile velcro panel. The panel has hook on the rear and loop on the front, so it can be sandwiched at the front of the JPC; behind the MOLLE flap.

You can also use it at the bottom of the front or rear plate bags, providing the opening is big enough. Most people seem to use The Dangler at the front, SOF stylee, where it’s easy to get to.

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It’s really well made and constructed of 500D, with a swatch of loop velcro on the front for patches etc.

Access to its contents is governed by a free-running zip, which you can be used handed. That’s actually really important, if you have your blaster in the other hand. Plus, sticky zips are a PITA.

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Inside, more loop on one face and elastic retainers on the other:

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I’d love to see a bit of stiffness in the backing of this pouch – a bit like Emdom did with their gold standard MM collaboration dumper.

As it stands, The Dangler can – as its name suggests – be a bit pendulous. Could be that what I’ve suggested as an improvement has already been tested and is a bad idea, but it makes sense to me in theory.

That being said, this is a great bit of kit and easily expands a minimalist, high-riding platform like the JPC without putting additional utility pouches in hard to reach places – like under your arm pits.