This is not ‘a dangler’, it’s ‘The Dangler’: the drop pouch whose name has become one of the generic terms of the tactical nylon market. Sellotape for self-adhesive cellulose tape; hoover for vacuum cleaner (no, not you, Dyson); and dangler for something which dangles from your industry standard chest rig or plate carrier. How annoying must it be to nylon companies when they release drop pouches, only for the customer base to say, “I like your new dangler”? Or maybe it annoys Ferro?!

The Dangler is a bum bag – or fanny pack – without a belt. It attaches to platforms using a really versatile velcro drop-panel.

The panel has hook on the rear and loop on the front, so it can be carried at the bottom edge of many industry spec PCs (sandwiched under the front flap, or at the bottom of the front or rear plate bags); or attached to the back of suitable chest rigs.

 photo IMG_3152_zpsgkgz1wd4.jpg

Like all of the Ferro Concepts stuff I’ve ever had hands on with (quite a lot) it’s really well made and composed of 500D; with a swatch of colour-matched loop velcro on the front for patches etc.

Access to its contents is governed by an ITW zip pull and good quality zip. The location of the zip – at the upper edge of the pouch – is absolutely perfect for access, and I wish other manufacturers would get the message about this. Simply leaving the zip in the middle of the top of the pouch – like a standard utility – isn’t always that easy to access.

 photo IMG_3153_zpsvkhhvtvs.jpgInside, more loop on one face and elastic retainers on the other – both in black. To be fair I’d rather see a lighter colour here, to make the contents more visible when eyeballing.

The loop can be used to add organisation and I prefer the kind of utility pouch that’s a blank canvas inside – rather than fussy organisation. You can add your own velcro-in organisation (or not) as use case dictates.

 photo IMG_3156_zpsi5rtmez0.jpgThis is a great bit of kit and easily expands a PC or chest rig without putting additional utility pouches in hard to reach places – like under your arm pits. That said if you find yourself going prone a lot, this kind of abdominal pouch could get in the way – so that’s something to think about. The curved shape does lend itself well to taking a knee or crouching, however.

It’s the original Dangler, which gave its name to a whole series of dangler pouches. Some still consider it still to be the best.

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