Because of the difficulty in sourcing the iconic, old gen Frank Proctor designed Way of the Gun (WOTG) sling, many have turned to Andy from TacBelts UK who is – for full disclosure – a good friend of mine. He’s made a number of different WOTG-based slings for customers, from 1:1 replicas to bespoke, fully customised versions.

Now he’s put his name to his very own twist on the design.

TacBelts Minimal 2-Point Sling

Andy (being Andy) found an innovative way to improve the basic sling, which remains sympathetic to the overall minimalist tone of the original WOTG: it’s all in the enhanced adjustment method.

Rather than grappling with the lo pro slider alone, Andy has incorporated a user friendly loop. This is really easy to use, to both tighten and let out the sling – even with a gloved hand.

Close up of TacBelts Minimal 2-Point sling webbing adjustment loop

For me, its impact on the design really cannot be overstated. It’s user friendly and transforms the way the sling works.

The remainder of the sling is pretty much of the old gen WOTG design. It’s composed of 1″ webbing, which is adjustable for overall length at the butt end of the sling.

The sling’s overall length adjustment point at the butt end

How do I know it’s the butt end? Well, this sling – like the original – has a longer 550 paracord loop for the muzzle than the butt. The longer cord allows it to be looped over a front end festooned with lasers, lights, etc; but without the tediousness of having to remove anything.

Pic showing the difference in length between muzzle (left) and butt (right) paracord loops, where muzzle is significantly longer

Replacing the usual steel sling hardware we generally see on modern slings, the paracord loops are a distinctive feature of WOTG style slings and hark back to an earlier era.

Paracord is quiet, strong, low bulk, and adapts to pretty much any muzzle and butt. The loops are connected to the webbing via high quality plastic hardware and tidied with shrink wrap.

Handily, Andy points out the right and wrong ways to attach the muzzle end paracord loop (it’s easy to get wrong – I’ve done it myself). Also note the flexible plastic tubing fitted at both paracord ends, which comes with the sling and is cinched down for security:

The rights and wrongs of attachment


In use, the sling is far more comfortable than you’d expect from 1″ wide webbing (the same goes for the original WOTG sling, of course). Being used to padded or 1.25″ slings, I was expecting a big change in comfort but that’s not the case.


The other thing you notice (through its absence) is the bulk. It’s like there’s nothing there – the sling just gets out of your way. I think the paracord loops have a lot to do with that feeling, so if you don’t think you can part with your wide or padded sling, get Andy to knock you up some of the WOTG style attachment points and try them on your favourite sling.

Of course, the biggest difference here – and what really marks out Andy’s version for me – is that big webbing loop. It transforms the adjustment experience.

Needless to say, TacBelts’ quality and attention to detail shines through in the sling’s construction.

Andy is currently knocking out these slings for £25 GBP. You can contact him on Instagram or Facebook.

Appendix: Further Background

Throughout 2019 there’s been huge interest in Obi Wan Nairobi’s kit and L119A2 firearm; not least the items that are less than ubiquitous to UKSF.

Reference pic: Obi Wan Nairobi

Obi Wan’s old gen Frank Proctor Way of the Gun (WOTG) Sling, for instance, is sought after highly:

Old gen Proctor Way of the Gun Sling as used by Obi Wan Nairobi

It’s none too easy to source having being superseded by a newer version with revised attachment points:

Proctor’s revised Way of the Gun attachment method – note metal triglides

I was lucky enough to get hold of a pair of the iconic old gen WOTG slings for myself and UKSF impression nut John Danter.

Indeed, John is still using his WOTG sling on his awesome ‘Amplified’ HAO L119A2 build which you can read more about here.

John’s HAO L119A2 PTW

Although I’ve since sold my WOTG sling, you can read more about it here.

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