With the HAO Monolithic L119A2 kit for Systema PTW now shipping, the company has commenced processing the production version of its CAG HK416D.

Remember the company issued a limited edition CAG 416D kit last year?


Only ten were made and obviously they sold out immediately. Well, the company always intended to follow up, but a number of other projects overran – including the company’s flagship L119A2 product.

However, benefiting from the passage of time, HAO has tweaked the finish of its CAG 416D and they are really happy with the result. I’ve not seen the new finish yet, so I can’t directly comment on it; but rest assured they are a company which learns and grows.

As it is, they’ve done a stellar job with the tanodize on their Geissele MK16 replica and I’ve seen that first hand.


Their Project Ghidorah L119A2 IUR also features a similar finish:


The other news is that after their shock and awe success with Japanese Systema PTW users at the 2019 Training Weapon Festival in Tokyo, HAO is going after the SpeedQB market in a big way.

SpeedQB has grown exponentially in the last few years – especially in the world’s largest airsoft and PTW market, Japan. Speaking to SpeedQB players from Japan and Poland recently, I found out that they consider the PTW to be one of the most popular platforms.

I suspect this is atypical, because elsewhere HPA is king. However, the guys I listened to had bad experiences in the past getting restricted – or even caught up – by air lines; and air tank backpacks getting hooked up on structures – impeding a game where speed and aggression is key.

With the SpeedQB aesthetic in mind – amply portrayed by Japan’s BLKFOX737 – HAO announced a number of new/variant receiver sets recently (e.g. R.B.R. and BD556) but they are also supporting these capital products with accessories – like these wildly anodised selectors and mag releases:


It’s years since I built a competition influenced PTW and I have no intention of building another; but there’s no denying that when HAO puts it’s mind to something it does it well.

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