I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t attend the 2019 Training Weapon Festival in Japan, this weekend. Looks like the guys from HAO and Gunsmith NBABA are having a great time, despite the language barrier (the HAO guys don’t speak Japanese and very few Japanese at the event speak English).

So, here are Miguel HAO’s pics and a narrative…

Here’s the entrance, with glass case displays from all the RS brands in attendance. As readers will already know, the PTW has extremely high RS compatibility. Higher than GBBs like the MWS or GHK, which often require parts to be modded to fit.

Hello ladies! Because Japan…

Now, the big reveal at the 2019 festival is the Systema PTW Type 89. There’s not a huge amount of interest in this model outside Japan, granted. But, as an engineering project it’s really quite impressive. There’s no word about a contract with the JDF, though – so that appears to be just a rumour.

Many Systema PTW fans will know that the face of the company is Mrs. Yodashi Kumi, who is known as Kumi. Here is PTW serial 0000000 with the inscription on the buffer tube, “Sister Kumi.”

More Kumi memorabilia.

Here’s Kumi and Systema’s head tech guy (red shirt).

This is a really interesting brushless motor that’s been developed for PTW.

There’s a lot of great stuff here, but I have to say that the excitement around our partner Gunsmith NBABA’s stand was palpable. HAO’s L119A2 and new civilian receiver sets are very popular.

Lastly, this is HAO retailer Defcon1’s personal build.

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