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Wow! It’s been five years of The Reptile House and with over 900 blogs to choose from I’ve had a tough time selecting my five favourites.

However, I have only myself to blame.

A few weeks back I said to Rich Norman – lead writer and curator of The Reptile House – “Why don’t you ever do reblogs? New readers may benefit from the inspiration that I had, reading the blog from 2013 onwards.”

Rich doesn’t like to retread old ground, evidently – always moving forwards and creating new and original content.

Instead, he turned the tables on me…

“OK,” he said, “Give me your top five blogs. It’s the blog’s fifth anniversary in May, so that’s a reblog angle I’m happy with.”

So, here are my top five, heavily CAG-orientated choices.

1. Tan Rifle’s CAG HK416D


Without doubt, this has been a game changer for many – myself included.

Tan Rifle totally set the bar with this article about his real steel CAG 416 clone. The journey he took with this rifle is simply incredible, and the amount of knowledge he has imparted in the article is staggering.

A must for all modern CAG impressionists. Concise, definitive, with beautiful photography.

2. The Specialists Quadrilogy – Reprise: Hestehovkompaniet (HHK)


The Quadrilogy series came in as a bombshell. Here, Rich interviewed all elements of the mighty TF EXO, in a series of articles which for many represented the high point of the blog’s second iteration.

It was an exceptional idea, bold in scope and visionary in concept. The Reptile House has always had a flair for originality, but this really impressed me.

By the time it came out, I was already inspired by HHK, but I was super thrilled that an interview with this level of curiosity and depth had been written.

To me, HHK are CAG gods.

3. Interview with HHK’s Joe Jensen


Joe is the guy from HHK that inspired me the most and this interview is largely credited with that.

Rich isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions; his methods are like those of an investigative journalist, and he gets the best out of his interviewees. Again, this interview shows real depth and inquisitiveness. It also has some awesome pics.

Most of all, Joe thinks about things the same way as I do.

4. upp3rz_d0wn3rz’s CAG HK416D


This is not one of my favourites because of the blaster, but because of all the work upp3rz_d0wnerz has done on his CAG kit in such a short space of time.

He is an awesome dude and that really comes across in the article. I really respect his humour; his humbleness; his ability to look straight gangster, in whatever he wears – to get things just right; and because he is such a magician when things need to be made to look even more convincing (really, he is a wizard).

This interview shows off a lot of good work on his part and – of course – his sexy Wilcox riser.

5. Dutch’s CAG 416


Like many of the “Done Right” series, this was without doubt an early inspiration for my own blaster evolution:

Back in the good old days, all you needed for a CAG blaster was a decent 416 and some Krylon! However, Dutch – like team mate Seraph – really pushed the interpretation envelope.

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