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Didn’t I say summer is fighting season, in Sweden? Pictorial update of Seraph’s co-conspirator Dutch’s FCC 416. Last seen on this blog in 2014.

 photo 13161038_1695447524052756_1347315880_o_zpsebzmeqrj.jpg

Updated paint job, Surefire 600c added and the PEQ 15 has been swapped out for a DBAL.

Redimag has also been dropped since I last featured this blaster and it’s looking all the more streamlined for it. Plus, it looks like the No BUIS Look is here to stay.

In the last set of pics, Dutch looked to be deciding between T1 and Eotech. Looks like the Eotech won.

Great to see the TF Green guys back in action and I feel inspired already!

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