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After Back in Black and Paint it Black, I really had to continue the classic song title theme. I couldn’t decide between White Lines or Parallel Lines, but in the end Blonde won. There’s never really been a Grandmaster Flash element to my airsoft.

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During the Black period, I’d never heard so many people say, “I liked the 416 painted, but you should leave it black.” Black is always an option. The blaster will never be any other colour beneath the acrylic paint. But for now, I’m far more interested in painted blasters and there was no way I was going to quit and roll over after Silicone-Gate.

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Having said that, there was also no way I was going to do another cargo-net paint job. I’ve done three this spring, which I’m very pleased with (and of the two I don’t own, so are the owners). Click for woodland, desert and my own iteration, prior to Silicone-Gate.

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I wanted to deliver something which wasn’t quite as time consuming, complicated and methodical as the cargo-net style, but still retain an edginess. And the new paint job has plenty of edges…

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I also wanted to use the same colourway as before: Halfords Khaki, Halfords Green (which is really a green-grey) and MTN94 Bone White. I’d first adopted the latter colour on the desert paint scheme I did. People think you’re mad when you use white in a paint job, but I really wanted high contrast and since painted colours become muted over time, I wanted to start with bold tones in a bold pattern. I think I’ve achieved both of those things.

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Let’s hope the paint doesn’t fall off again.