What made me sit up and stare at this blaster was what Dan refers to as a ‘five minute paint job’.

With enough time, patience and planning, anyone can do a perfect paint job. On the other hand, dashing off the style we see here takes balls. It also acknowledges that from more than a few metres away, any minor tweaks to the paint job are going to blur into one. Those who can’t leave their paint jobs alone, take note.

Furthermore, this blaster has been painted with the knowledge that the first take is invariably the best. But, if a change in environment dictates, why not just smash a new colour over the top?

I’m not knocking pretty paint jobs. They have their place and I’ve done a few myself. But Dan’s paint job expresses a totally different aesthetic and philosophy.

Dan – F23 of Gray Fox – says:

The paint was originally an AOR1 scheme like the mag in the pics, but when everybody started doing it I changed to tan and brown through a fishing net.

I then threw some green on there for the Gray Fox woodland game last month, but I was running my M4 203 upper. Loved how it looked with the net and grass stencils so wore it in a bit and that was it.

I take five mins to paint a gun, as I believe operators spend about the same time on theirs.

My boom stick. #airsoft  #milsim #mk18 #ptw #pewpew #pbthereptilehouse #teamgrayfox #bemeyers #surefire #hayleystrategic #peq14 #aimpoint photo LY7CO2LMUO_zpspd5natay.jpg

This setup works for me.

I try out moving stuff and try new lights etc, but keep going back.

Don’t we all 🙂

 photo imagejpg1_zps0a18d782.jpg

Parts List:

Prime upper
Madbull DD MK18 RIS II
BCM charging handle
Eo XPS SOPMOD and magnifier
BE Meyers 5.56 flash hider
HSP M952V offset mount
Surefire M952V with KM2 IR-white head
Ergo pistol grip
Jimmy Pie IR converted PEQ14
Garmin 101
Magpul ASAP

My boom stick. #airsoft  #milsim #mk18 #ptw #pewpew #pbthereptilehouse #teamgrayfox #bemeyers #surefire #hayleystrategic #peq14 #eotech photo QJ7PQI1CVW_zpsnqfzmn1k.jpg