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I love hearing about influences. If there’s one thing I’m fascinated by, it’s how influences impact style. Be that the style of a loadout, a blaster, or a paint job.

I remember while studying I dismissed some text as, “…style over content.” It was a lazy analysis on my part. The course tutor asked me if I’d considered that style is content: discursive, ideological content. I liked the sound of that. Looking back, it was one of the most influential teachings I absorbed and upon reflection it helped confirm to me that style has value in and of itself.

One of the positives about writing a blog is that not only do I get to document what influences the style of others, I also get to hear what people think influences me; normally with reference to my paint jobs.

Having just completed my latest paint job by spraying my mags, I’ve had time to think about what influenced me this time.

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For V2.0, I kept the colours from V1.0 of the 416 paint job. These colours were influenced by pics of RAF Harriers in their Norwegian camo: dark sea grey bands over white. The white looks tatty in a lot of the pics. This is exactly what I’m after and what will come with use; the MTN94 Bone White won’t look bright for long.

After testing a few greens, I decided on Halfords Green. This is something of a feldgrau and is as grey as it is green. I also prefer the way Halfords paint goes on to any other brand.

To the Harrier-influenced colourway of grey-green and off-white, I also added Halfords Khaki. I’d seen pics of USAF F16s in three-tone Aggressor camo which I really liked, so decided to combine that aesthetic, too.

I decided against incorporating Humbrol Dark Brown 29. This has been fundamental in every paint job I’ve done up until now and whilst it’s an awesome colour I wanted to do something completely different.

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So the colours were sorted and I’d already resolved not to use my usual cargo net to help the pattern along. Indeed, the pattern I decided on represents a complete schism with anything I’d done previously. It was influenced by naval Dazzle camouflage and Keith Ferris’ work for the US military.

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So, I’ve ended up with something stark, angular, distinctive and quite removed from my ‘usual’ style. Pretty much what I set out to achieve. I just need to get it dirty.