HAO (pronounced ‘how’) promised that their next Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System release would be a UKSF L119A2 replica.

Here it is – an upper receiver, 100% compatible with the standard Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System lower and bolt carrier group:

Like the Systema PTW version they are releasing the upper kit first; followed by a full kit after Chinese New Year.

The upper kit can be purchased directly from HAO here.

It is the same price as the Systema PTW version of the L119A2 upper, but unlike that kit the MWS ZET version includes the barrel nut tool.

These are high end prices, but to be fair it’s a high end product.

  • 100% compatible with existing Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System lower receiver and bolt carrier group
  • CNC lathed 7075-T6 billet – the same aluminium alloy as the RS
  • Anodised finish – not painted
  • Embossed markings
  • CNC lathed steel gas block
  • CNC lathed, gun drilled 10″, 1/2-28RH threaded steel barrel
  • CNC lathed L119A2 charging handle
  • CNC lathed steel barrel nut
  • Hydraulic pressed L119A2 heat shield 
  • Steel L119A2 barrel nut tool

Needless to say it’s monolithic – the upper receiver and rail are one contiguous unit – a defining feature of the RS (which, after all, is called an Integrated Upper Receiver – or IUR).

If you spend enough time (and money) on these things you end up with something like this – my own HAO UKSF L119A2, based on the Systema PTW full kit:

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A couple of things to note about the new HAO upper: unlike the Tokyo Marui MWS ZET system M4, HAO’s L119A2 upper comes with a steel barrel. It’s threaded for an RS flash hider.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get rid of the A2 birdcage the kit comes with, and install the correct Surefire FH556-216A – which HAO does make.

However, with this barrel you’re trapped in the HAO ecosystem – unless you have access to RS flash hiders and want to drill one out for 6mm. That said, HAO usually releases an aluminium barrel for its kits, threaded for standard airsoft 14mm CCW. That means you can choose from any airsoft thread flash hider.

If you’re waiting for the full kit (which comes with the correct flash hider) it won’t be long – all the small parts are now ready, like this fire selector group:


Don’t forget: MWS ZET isn’t the only GBB L119A2 release coming from HAO in early 2021 – as I reported late last year.

HAO also sent across this pic of their GHK L119A2 lowers:

HAO’s L119A2 offering for GHK will be full kit only – a separate upper will not be offered.

The reason for this is because there are different generations of GHK lower. Not all fit the same way. Add to that the general manufacturing variances in GHK receivers and upper-only becomes difficult to support, as it won’t always fit without work. Two high quality manufacturers have told me this now.

So, for GHK, a full kit is the way forward.

As usual it will be CNC lathed from 7075-T6 billet, with steel gun drilled barrel and HAO’s signature stamped trades.

The UKSF L119A2 upper kit for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System can be purchased directly from HAO here