More interesting stuff (for PTW fans like me) leaking out of Systema CEO Kumi’s Twitter.

Following on from my last article, on the price of Infinity (Systema’s new gearbox and motor paradigm) we now have more details about the gearbox internals.

Helical gears are not new to the PTW – nor are planetary gears. However, helical planetary gears certainly are, and partly explain why the Infinity gearbox is so very quiet – with none of the whine expected from AEGs in general.

PTW gearboxes just don’t break. They’re a completely different design to TM spec AEGs and highly robust. I know people who’ve somehow trapped grass and other detritus in the PTW gearbox; continuing to play for years until serviced by Tackleberry, when chopped up grass and other gunk is removed.

My point is, I didn’t think the gearbox could be improved.

There’s also a cool pic of a PTW lower with a tiny RS grip fitted – now possible with Infinity because the motor is no longer in the grip; it’s in the gearbox.

Lastly, is this the new logo? It’s very cool – displaying the mathematical symbol for infinity.

Systema seems really pleased with itself about Infinity, so I’m expecting great things.

It’s amazing how it’s stoked up a lot of hardcore PTW users that I know well; guys who’ve been into PTWs since before me. Normally a cynical bunch (like me), I’ve not heard a bad word about Infinity.

Let’s hope it meets expectations.

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