Nice teaser from HAO, subtly heralding their L119A2 full kits for some new airsoft platforms. Their current kit is only available for Systema PTW, so it’s a bit niche. These new kits will add some solid choice to the company’s offer.

And yes – I double checked. The plural of kit is correct.

After hitting hard the Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System HK416 aftermarket with a multiplicity of kits, it’s not difficult to predict which platform one of these new L119A2 kits will be aimed at.

Could there even be a long (15.7 barrel) in the works to complement the 10”?

Since HAO’s L119A2 PTW kit was released well over a year ago (and the Beta version well over two years ago), I got the feeling the company has been biding its time, watching the market; rather than rushing out with multiple A2 platforms. After all, once you have the ‘wrapper’ and technical difficulties of a monolithic upper sorted, it becomes more about tweaking and mapping it to the internals required.

And that’s something HAO can do very quickly indeed, as we saw earlier this year.

So…expect more of the same: comprehensive, 7075-T6, anodised receiver sets, with stamped trades, individual serial numbers, and gun drilled steel barrels. All the normal stuff from HAO.

As for my interest…I’m hoping once these kits are out of the way, HAO will get back to the serious business of making PTW receiver sets – especially since Systema has started making the TW5 (MP5 clone) again.

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