HAO released its 13.5 Geissele MK16 SMR replica back in March 2019. I had a look at one first hand in June.

Since March, customers and dealers have been asking HAO for a 9.3 version. HAO isn’t the kind of company to say, “You want a 9.3 rail? We’ll use the 13.5 data and make it shorter…”

There was a reason for the delay – the acquisition of an RS 9.3 rail to replicate.


I think I’m right in saying that HAO’s will be the first 9.3 Geissele MK16 SMR on the market which, crucially, has been replicated from a 9.3 RS rail.

That’s pretty cool and enough, I’m sure, for prospective 9.3 buyers to hold off until HAO’s version is released.

The other incitement, of course, is that the forthcoming rail will again be part of HAO’s economy line and will therefore retail for around $100.

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