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I’ve started a Recce rifle which is based on several known SEAL reference pics:

So far, my build is complete with iconic items like the bare stainless steel 16” barrel, BE Meyers flash hider and – of course – the KAC MK12 rail. I’m still on the hunt for a real steel one. Until then I’m using the G&P version as a placeholder.

Another plan is to get authentic “Lilja” markings on the barrel and maybe also Cerakote the upper receiver, as another paint application test. I’ve already Cerakoted the lower, after it was engraved.

Once again, I preferred to use the CAR-15 stock over alternatives like the Crane stock. Also once again (but needless to say) the platform had to be PTW.

A parts list follows and I’ll be writing incremental updates as the build progresses.

Parts List

  • Systema PTW
  • Lower receiver with engraved Colt markings, finished with Cerakote
  • Colt CAR-15 stock
  • LBT 2626A GPS pouch with Garmin 401 GPS
  • KAC front and rear back up sights
  • PRI charging handle
  • Nightforce NXS 2,5-10×24 Mil-R
  • ARMS QD scope rings
  • G&P KAC MK12 rail
  • KAC vertical foregrip
  • Insight AN-PEQ15
  • Harris bipod & adapter
  • B.E. Meyers style flash hider
  • Dytac 16” outer barrel

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