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At Combat Airsoft Group’s recent Operation Four Brothers event, I ran the green side kit I’d been building up over the previous couple of months.

It was originally purposed for Op Flashman – the charity game run by JTAC for Pilgrim Bandits – which unfortunately I was unable to attend.

However, when I saw CAG was running an event not too far from me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the kit.

It’s not too different from my usual set up, though with the addition of webbing and stripped down plate carrier it gives it a slightly different look.

It also means I can take off my plate carrier when I need to, and just work from my belt kit.

Belt kit is something that I’ve always wanted to build, so I thought this event would be the best opportunity to try it out.

It allowed me to carry more more ammunition, grenades, GP pouches, med kit and my side arm. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the event, so I went prepared for all eventualities.

Kit List


  • Crye AC Combat Shirt or DPM Tropic Shirt
  • Crye AC Combat Pants


  • FMA Maritime Multicam
  • Orion Design Group Maritime Cover Multicam
  • Ops Core VAS Shroud
  • Ops Core Counterweigh
  • C/S Patch and UJ Patch
  • Peltors Comtac Adaptors
  • Peltor Comtacs*
  • Helstar 6 Gen 3*
  • L4G24*

Plate Carrier

  • Crye JPC 2.0
  • Crye 556 Open Top Flap
  • Crye JPC MBITR Pouches
  • Crye Side Plate Pouches
  • Crye SPS 556 Pouch
  • BFG BooBoo Pouch
  • BFG Double Ten Speed 556 Pouch


  • Crye Low Pro Belt*
  • Blackhawk Riggers Belt
  • Crye Suspenders
  • Crye SPS GP
  • JayJays GP x2
  • Warrior Double M4 Pouch
  • Safariland 6354DO
  • BFG Frag Pouch
  • BFG Closed Top Pistol Pouch


  • Mystery Ranch 1 Day Assault Pack

(*Denotes repro placeholder)


There are definitely changes I would like to make to the belt kit, but the layout worked well.

I used my Crye AC Combat Shirt for the CAG event, although keeping with SOPs for the Pilgrim Bandits event I’d have worn my DPM Tropic shirt.

The only thing that let me down at the CAG event was the comms equipment. However, I have now sorted it out with some genuine Comtac XPIs connected to a genuine Invisio V60.

XPIs as part of a different loadout
V60 as part of a different loadout

All I’m waiting on now is for the TRI 148 to arrive.

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