Regular readers will know what the Geissele MK16 Super Modular Rail (SMR) looks like. They may also know that HAO has today released its version and that it’s a mere $100.

That’s right; $100.

Is that a mistake? I’m not sure.

Maybe the company is signalling that, like for like, they are able to make next level replicas while also undercutting the opposition.

The MK16 SMR is, of course, part of the USASOC URG-I (erroneously referred to as Block 3), which represents a popular look right now.

HAO’s isn’t the first MK16 replica on the market and I’m sure it won’t be the last; especially when considering the range of colours and different markings available in the RS (the latter is an absolute minefield). However, the company must have remained confident that they were bringing something improved to market, after others rushed theirs out.

Even when they are last to produce, HAO still tends to end up as leader because of their attention to detail.

And let’s not forget the price point. The only competitors who have produced credible MK16 replicas are selling theirs for up to 50% more than HAO.

Anyway, some detail pics of HAO’s MK16 replica are featured below.

Oh…and what’s this? We all love Easter Eggs.

Check out the bolt stop and mag catch: