Words and Pics: Mark Timson

Like most people interested in modern UKSF, and in particular the L119A2, my interest was first sparked from the photo published by The Sun of the Winchester Accord Training Exercise.


I got hooked from there – although my preference gradually shifted from a stitch-perfect impression to an interest in rarer or rumoured items/styles.

Since then I’ve sold A2-orientated custom work; namely CTR battery stock mods, custom gas blocks, Tokyo Marui-modified Magpul ASAPs and Ambidextrous charging handles.

Most notably – and much more of a pain – was the custom work carried out on my Tokyo Marui L119A2 IUR creation. This was a project that took over a year, mainly because I lost interest more than once due to other ongoing projects. And it caused me an awful lot of grief!

image1 (2)image1

The basic principle was to secure the Angry Gun L119A2 rail to the TM upper receiver – permanently – and negate wobble. This was done by using long grub screws, which went through a tapped barrel nut right up the outer barrel.

These were fixed in place with Loctite, and then surrounded top and bottom with Miliput at the same time the rail was installed. And while that was happening, I built the upper receiver up to the rail using Miliput – to give it the distinctive monolithic curves of the RS.

Three hours later I had a near enough completed IUR. Add in some smoothing and a modified ejection port assembly and voilà, ready for paint!

image2 (2)image2

You are now looking at the final product before it gets another paint job, as I already have a clean A2.

My ancils etc are based upon what works for me – although still well within the rules of ‘legit’ (in my opinion).

Most noticeably the Aimpoint CompM4 seated on a GG&G mount with the riser between.


You can see how high it sits. Trust me, it’s a god send with Peltors on. Also the Surefire M620N on an HSP Mount at the high 1:30 position – meaning a pushed back LA-5. This allows me to get a full grip on the rail from 3:00 through 9:00; and also shifts the centre of gravity back towards the mid-point of the rifle.

image3 (3)image4 (3)

Those who follow me on Instagram will know I have more projects than I can handle at one time. Currently I’m working on a UKSF-spec L110A2 which requires some hardcore work – so watch this space!

image7 (2)

Parts List

Tokyo Marui M4 CQBR Base
Angry Gun L119A2 9.5” Rail
Laylax 10.52 Outer Barrel
L119A2 Style Gas Block
Ambidextrous Selector
Rep Norgon Ambidextrous Magazine Release
Magpul CTR Stock with Magpul Enhanced Recoil Pad
Magpul ASAP Sling Plate
Magpul B.A.D Lever
Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
Magpul QD RSA
Magpul 30 Round Emag
Magpul Gen 3 Ranger Plate
TNA Colt Ambidextrous Charging Handle
PTS Ergo 2 Grip
Aimpoint Comp M4
GG&G Comp M4 QD Mount
GG&G Vertical Grip
PEQ 15 LA-5 With Jay Taranis UKSF Decals
Hayley Strategic Partners M600 Thorntail SBR
Surefire M600 Scout with KM-02 Vampire IR Head
Surefire Dual Pressure Pad
Surefire 216a Flash Hider
Angry Gun Socom 556 Suppressor (Xcortec Tracer Unit Inside)
Countless hours spent in the garage

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