Words: John Danter

Skills and Pics: J-Tac Custom

This week I bit the bullet and took another leap of faith. I sent my factory Systema PTW lower and HAO L119A2 IUR upper to J-Tac Custom (John Turrell) for some laser lurve.

The factory lower has ‘Spaghetti Bird’ trades. It’s the first thing anyone who is serious about an impression or blending in replaces.

However, I love the pic J-Tac sent of the lower as it shows the trades transitioning between ‘Spaghetti Bird’ and proper Colt Canada ones.

In a cunning ploy to keep the wife sweet, I’ve picked a serial number which is the due date of my imminent little nipper. Hats off to Rich from The Reptile House for suggesting it – he’s clearly a smooth operator 🙂

The serial was added to both the upper and lower. A big step, but J-Tac’s work comes highly recommended and so I knew it was in good hands.

J-Tac got in touch to double check the desired serial number, and to ask what NATO NSN I wanted for the right side of the lower’s mag well.

Most go for the NSN ending in 98, as that’s what’s seen in most in the wild pics where the number is legible. Although – technically – three NSNs exist for the L119A2, it’s possible that the one ending 98 is the only one used. However, I picked 99 to reflect the 10″ upper and to be a little different.

A video clip of my upper being engraved flashed up on my phone and I was almost too worried to watch it. No need, it’s perfect!

You can watch the video below.

Once J-Tac has finished his magic – he needs to refinish the old trades – I will forward my bits on to to Tackleberry for some additional love.

Since this lower is a stop gap I declined the offer of full sandblasting and Cerakote. I love the result, however, as it doesn’t look pristine.

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