Words and Pics: Rich Norman

“Is a build ever finished?”

Surely that could serve as a Zen Buddhist kōan – a question which provokes great doubt, in order to test the Zen student’s journey to enlightenment?

It follows then that to truly finish a build is to achieve enlightenment; and my Tackleberried HAO HK416A5 is truly finished.

Well, I can tell you that if this is enlightenment, it feels a bit shit. This proves that for me the journey is more important than the destination.

To be honest, I blame HAO. Their thoroughness and authenticity makes things far too easy – funds allowing. They have completely ruined the journey with their perfect receiver sets. Fuckers! 🙂

So, the finishing touches to my A5 landed in the past couple of weeks.

A VFC RAL8000 ejection port cover – courtesy of Marco HAO (thanks again, Marco!) – and an RS RAL8000 HK416A5 Slim Line Stock which I bought from German Gun Works.

A parts list follows.

Parts List