A few years back I wisely invested in a set of V1.0 Tackleberry Pmags. They are the one thing in my kit bag which hasn’t changed.

That says a lot.

Back in the day, Tac sent me a sample V1.0 Pmag for testing and I was hooked. I replaced all of my heavy-ass Systema USGI mag cases with super light, super tough, RS Pmags; milled to accept Systema mag inners.

That’s cool enough, right? RS mag conversions. There were already a few kicking about, made by various PTW enthusiasts.

But Tac, being Tac, came up with something highly innovative: he recycled the Pmag’s follower and follower spring, in a manner which allowed the Systema mag inners to ‘float’.

So, pressure from the Pmag’s original spring would push the Systema mag inner up towards the hop and keep it in perfect contact, constantly, every time. The result was effortless, perfect feeding.

Also, because the mag doesn’t flap about in the mag well as you move, the mag inner’s feed lips don’t become deformed by the hop’s ‘teeth’. I realised after a while that I no longer needed to ‘rod’ my mags.

Rodding is a process whereby the Systema BB loading rod is inserted into the mouth of the mag inner and motioned in such a way that it irons out deformations to the mag inner’s feed lips.

The deformations are bad, because they can cause feeding problems.

Rodding was something which I did religiously, every few games, and I was glad to see the back of it.

In addition, Tac’s floating mag inner means that you can own lowers by various aftermarket brands – which may exhibit a slightly different spec – with the ‘give’ in the mag inner’s float compensating for tolerances.

You can read more about the V1.0 iteration of Tackleberry’s Pmags, here.

On to V2.0 and the video below shows a quality which I’m calling ‘Super Float’.

If you own Tac’s V1.0 mag – or even one of the many clones which have appeared in its wake – you’ll see a significant increase in the inner’s travel:

Good eh?

That’s pleasing in itself, but the real pay off is using the Super Float mag in a Prime lower…

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Prime. But I consider their PTW mag well to be the most off spec of any of the quality aftermarket lower manufacturers.

Mag seating with a Prime lower can be a chore; I’ve had good ones and bad ones – which speaks volumes about tolerances, quite aside from what I view as a general dimensional issue.

But, with Super Float, Prime mag seating turns into a joy…with a satisfying click!

So, what are your options? If you already own Tac’s V1.0 Pmags, you can go with the Super Float upgrade. If you don’t currently own Tac’s Pmags, you can go directly to V2.0.

It’s well worth it.

Like I said, Tackleberry’s Pmags are the one thing in my kit bag which hasn’t changed.

Tac can be contacted via his Facebook page, or on the Systema PTW Forum.