Words and Pics: Rich Norman

HAO recently started shipping its new cylinder tool.

The motivation behind the product was to quickly bring to market something which could cope with the front end of HAO’s own cylinder, but it includes a raft of other tools too.

Conspicuously it includes fittings for AR15 and HK416 barrel nuts, which I’m guessing will be useful for applications which don’t require a great deal of torque:

Hopefully, as a manufacturer dedicated to the Systema PTW, they’ll issue a version which accepts a torque wrench (or at least one which features more opportunities for leverage) soon.

At the Systema factory the PTW barrel nut is torqued to AR15 spec, so it takes a bit of welly to remove. Likewise it’s advised by Tackleberry to torque the barrel nut to the same spec when attaching the barrel – and I’ve always stuck to his advice (along with using an upper receiver block).

First impressions? It’s a bit rough looking, but it’s only $25 USD and fills a niche.

I’m told it’s made of tool steel and laser cut, but the welds on the reverse don’t make you think ‘quality’.

Still, it does the job it’s designed to do (cylinder maintenance) and that’s what matters.

Here’s a rundown of the fittings, in a totally mental Venn diagram stylee: