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If you look closely at the CAG Syria pics, you can see a Paraclete pre-MSA Triple M4 Mag Pouch mounted on a JPC’s MOLLE flap.

Curious, I wanted to try it out for myself. However, there is an issue.

The MOLLE mechanisms of the two items don’t line up. If you try to mount the Paraclete triple on to the JPC as things stand, you cannot mount it centrally; it would be offset to the left or right.

So, you have to create your own custom PALS channels.

I asked around on IG to get a solution and got some responses from some very cool guys (you know who you are!)

There are two solid options: 550 paracord, or zip-ties. I’ve used paracord to mount pouches horizontally in the past, so I went that route.

First of all, I cut paracord to make some loops. Length is key: too loose and there will be unacceptable sag. The loops need to grip the Paraclete’s MOLLE straps, but not be so tight that they warp the JPC’s flap underneath.

You can see how I sized them in the pic below.

To make the loops, I always bond the ends of paracord lengths by melting them together. This is robust enough for my uses, while exhibiting minimal bulk.

I do this by first lighting the ends with a Zippo. When the core and sleeve melt, I press the ends together and allow the bond to cool and harden.

Then, I thread the Paraclete’s MOLLE straps through the loops – my new PALS channels.

When the weave is done, I zip-tie the outer PALS channels together (Paraclete to JPC) so that the pouch sits firm at the edges.

Adding the Paraclete triple over the top of the existing JPC MOLLE flap gives the mags some stand-off from the PC.

This is advantageous for me. It creates clearance in the admin area, so my PTT doesn’t get fouled when I draw the left mag.

It also affords more mag surface to hold, when reindexing. So, for me this isn’t just realistic but improves the JPC’s ergonomics.

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