Words: Rich Norman

Pics: Bou Yan

I spotted a really amazing set of photos today, posted by Bou Yan on the Systema PTW / G&D DTW Forum Asia.

Bou has really captured HAO’s HK416 A5 at its best and I’d like to thank him for allowing me to share his pics here.


There’s been some discussion over the colours used by HAO in their rendition of the A5, but judging by these pics I have to say they’ve captured the early version – which is a thing of real beauty – perfectly.


I’ve no information on what’s next in HAO’s 416 range. A 416F was rumoured some time ago, but it will be interesting instead to see if HAO decides to produce an “issued” A5 – the type which is use with special forces in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Ireland and other NATO countries.


As opposed to the pre-production A5, the issued version exhibits a decidedly green tone. Confusingly, H&K still refers to this colour as RAL8000 – a term which to them seems to represent an umbrella for a range of browns and greens, and colours in between.


One way to deliver the colour with great accuracy would be to use Cerakote instead of ano. Because while ano is more authentic, replicas are 90% looks; not 90% process.


And who doesn’t like a bit of Cerakote on their blaster?

Meanwhile – enjoy the view!

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