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I never really figured on building another CQBR. I’ve built four or so, over the years. They’re fun guns to build and shoot – the gold standard of clone guns.

However, something sort of fell into my lap of such provenance that it convinced me to build another.


A while ago, a very good friend of mine introduced me to a good friend of his. Over time I helped this friend of a friend find parts for various guns he had built, and we became firm friends ourselves. Recently he kindly offered me a rail, which he himself had used – and let’s just say it’s seen some action.

Some reference pics:


In a word, I was honored. And so it began – spurring a new CQBR.

Once again I used the lower from my Block II Recce, because of course lowers are issued with both long and short uppers; so it makes sense to have both top ends.

I grabbed a Colt upper and BCG, slapped a PRI gas buster in it, and then paused. Instead of cutting down a Colt 11.5″ barrel I had, I opted instead for a Daniel Defense barrel, since they hold the contract.


DD used to make their gas ports WAY too big, something like .081″ or so. So even though they make great barrels they tended to be super over-gassed. Now though, they make them to the standard spec of .070″, so I was happy to get one. Right away I drilled two holes in the bottom of the barrel for the gas block set screws to sit in, just like SFG’s barrels are.

I tossed another four prong on it – along with a placeholder DD rail I got off a buddy. Then I just had to wait for my friend’s rail to arrive so I could swap them.

While I waited, I grabbed the finishing touches for the top end. A Magpul AFG2 seemed like a nice change of pace from the old TangoDown stubby VFG I used in the past. I also managed to find my first rotational WMX200 – the other three I had before were all fixed. I added a taupe KAC front sight and even attached the hideous MATech rear iron that the Army seems to love so much.

The final thing I needed was optics. Again I opted for something new this time. From what I’ve been told (and from recent pics that have surfaced to back it up) SFG is using the Aimpoint CompM4S as their interim optic solution, until they choose a replacement for their CCO. So I grabbed one of those, too.


Then, once I got the rail that started it all, I swapped it in – adding a special armory sticker also provided by my friend.

The only thing that gave me issues was the light, but I got super lucky. After I had hunted for a while a friend decided to sell me his. If you’re reading this bro, I’m sorry about your ACL but I’m glad you needed the cash!


For once this build is actually pretty kosher. The only creative liberty I took was that I’m using a Geissele Super 42 braided buffer spring. I changed the buffer weight from the stock H1 to H2, but it still isn’t standard. Everything else fits the bill though.

As far as changing anything – I don’t think I will. This gun is definitely going to get used but it’s also not going to get sold. I’m sure some of my friends reading this are rolling their eyes, but this build means a lot to me now. Because of the rail it’s like having a small piece of cherished history, so it’s staying.

As far as what’s next, I’m still leaning towards a 6.5 gas gun – but I’m trying to do more research before I take the plunge. Of course, I’ll be keeping The Reptile House posted and I’ll be writing some more articles for the blog shortly.

Stay tuned and keep reading guys!

Parts List

  • Magpul CTR Stock
  • Six position receiver extension
  • Geissele Super 42 buffer spring, H2 buffer
  • CQD receiver end plate
  • Rock River Arms Lower Receiver
  • Colt lower parts kit
  • Modifed Colt FA fire selector
  • Geissele SSA-E Trigger
  • Colt upper receiver
  • Colt BCG
  • PRI Gas Buster CH
  • MATech rear buis
  • Aimpoint CompM4S
  • Daniel Defense 10.3″ mk18 barrel
  • Daniel Defense RIS II mk18
  • CQD sling point
  • Magpul AFG2
  • KAC taupe front buis
  • L3 WMX200
  • SureFire four prong FH
  • Surefire SOCOM 556RC
  • VCAS sling

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