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I reckon it’s near enough ‘fighting season’ in Sweden.

Lusse-vigil is long time past and soon the entire country will be drinking schnapps and feasting on crayfish and Västerbotten, while wearing paper hats. Every single day!

Yes. This coming season in Sweden is a joyous time, because unlike the UK they have proper summers.

So, it’s also time to shake down those blasters.

And, it just so happens I’ve been lucky enough to acquire a couple of up-to-date pics of the mighty Seraph’s 416.

Don’t ask me how I sourced these, because we need to maintain an air of plausible deniability.

A few things I’ve spotted of interest in this current iteration, since last time:

  • Seraph’s direct mount MVG has been cut
  • Ranger Plate on mag, replacing rubber Magpul (I feel like I’m in good company, as I have some ranger plates on the way)
  • Surefure X300 Ultra has been replaced with his Scout
  • Now using what looks like an Angry Gun Surefire SOCOM 556RC can
  • And just look at that flared magwell attachment. Funnily enough, I was looking at this detail on a Ronin Tactics’ RT15-O build, recently; so I think it’s a Lancer
  • Still rockin’ the No BUIS look!
  • Possibly a new Eotech?
  • DBAL up front

Yet another Taste Making version of this iconic blaster.

 photo f4ab55e0-86c6-4848-b66d-c6e3943d92eb_zpsza038yev.jpg

When Seraph has time and if I ask nicely enough, I reckon I could get a full narrative out of him.

Seraph really Thinks Things Through* and every change to this blaster will have an ergonomic backstory, in support of enhanced violence of action.

Until then, enjoy!

#tfgreen #molonlabe #trhblog #pbthereptilehouse #sverige #madeinsweden Awesome TF Green team patch from @seraphgreen ! Thanks very much ! :) photo RVZPP6AWLY3_zpsrsnwftpg.jpg

*This one’s for you, Tent 🙂