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After my gushing HAO 416 SMR DDC review, I thought a reality check was in order.

Was I the only one who considered HAO’s rail to be an absolute masterpiece?

I needed someone else, who also owns an RS SMR and who has an eye for quality, to peer-review my findings.

I decided to ask my good friend Andy (Tactical Optician) to take a look and fit it to his HK416, in carbine mode.

He’s also using the steel barrel extension, which comes with HAO’s 416 aluminium barrel.

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Andy runs an SGT Prime OEM lower, mated with a converted WE GBB upper. Now, we already know that an RS 416 rail won’t go straight on to a WE GBB upper without some fettling.

However, Andy had his barrel nut modded by Keith of Airsoft Machine Shop, to fit his 10.5 RS SMR.

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Here’s what Andy had to say about HAO’s 416 SMR:

The quality of the rail is stunning. The CNC marks match the genuine article remarkably.

As you know, I’m an unabashed real steel hound. But there’s no way I’d get [another] genuine SMR over this.

It’s sublime.

It’s really changed my perception of airsoft replica kit.

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A big thanks to Andy for confirming that this rail really is, “…Like RS!”

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