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I like documenting blaster updates and if there’s one blaster guaranteed to be updated not on whim, but based on function and use, it’s Seraph’s.

Seraph’s has to be one of the most recognized airsoft 416s out there. The seminal paint job which, again, has evolved over time, certainly helps with that. An earlier iteration of the paint job was one of those which inspired me to take up the rattle can myself. The current increment pushes the bar to a new level.

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Last time I featured this blaster, Seraph had installed a modern, CAG-flavoured Super Modular Rail. The addition heralded a paradigm shift in blaster setup, because at that time Seraph also dispensed with PEQ, light and RVG.

In the iteration featured here, the vertical fore grip is back (a converted, direct mount Magpul MVG) as is the light. But this time Seraph has wisely favoured the awesome output and compact form factor of the Surefire X300 Ultra.

It’s a great K.I.S.S. build, where sublimity comes as standard.