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I was chatting to Seraph this afternoon (as one does), about how much we both like our SMRs and how it’s a game changer in terms of weapon handling.

I currently use a Magpul RVG on mine. I’d seen MVGs used, which make the rail even more streamlined, but I’d never been convinced they were as securely anchored as the RVG.

Seraph persuaded me otherwise…

“The most secure way to use the MVG on an HK SMR is to fasten it the way Magpul intended with their original design: by using the steel backing plate which come with the MVG.

After a bit of modification, it slots nicely into the inner groove of the SMR’s 6 O’clock rail. This way, you don’t use the screw holes to mount the MVG, but rather one of the SMR’s cooling slots. Screwing into the backing plate which is provided effectively creates a vice. And that is secure as hell.

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You’ll need to reshape the small tabs on the top of the MVG to fit a cooling slot, but not by much. These tabs are important because they eliminate rotational movement

Then, to make it even better, you’ll want to make a slight groove down the middle of the base of the MVG, profiled to the rail’s surface.

The SMR isn’t totally flat in this area. You can see how it looks here:

 photo imagejpg2_zpsa84c3a1d.jpg

This gun is where I got the original inspiration for direct mounting the MVG.

I always think it adds a great deal to the gun to have something you customized yourself on it.

I really don’t think much for all the super clean, super expensive guns with SMR, Eotechs, magnifiers, Wilcox mounts and so on.

Anyone with cash can buy parts. There is no prestige in that. There is no soul in those weapons.

But when you really get to it; customize it, paint it and use it – that’s when the gun comes alive IMO.”

Here, here! Thanks to Seraph for words and pics 🙂