Good to see some third party pics of HAO’s L119A2 Kit for Tokyo Marui’s MWS ZET System, which has been shipping to dealers and customers alike…providing they are located somewhere Taiwan Post is currently shipping to, or have paid extra for a courier.

The pics are from Taiwan’s Papago Arms:

HAO’s UKSF L119A2 Full 7075-T6 Kit for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System (detailed pics).

I blogged about this version upon release, remarking that it looks superior to HAO’s Systema PTW production version. To illustrate I’ve picked out some of Papago’s pics which highlight the trades, other script and markings.

Note the deeply stamped Colt Canada trade mark, MOD designation (L119A2) and calibre (5.56mm). This all looks deeper and more even than the wildly varying depth of the PTW kit’s rolled effect which, while authentic, disappointed some kit owners who are used to uniform, neatly engraved airsoft trades. So the MWS kit gets the job done – stamped, not engraved, like the RS – but in a less visceral package, preferred by most.

Also note the improved serial number, which is again unique to each kit (and repeated on the upper). HAO is using a technique called pneumatic pinning to replicate the stamping here, but it’s actually an engraving that’s meant to look raw – and of a different style to the other kind of stamping exhibited, because with the RS this is done with an auto numbering device and looks distinctly different.

Deep and even stamping is repeated elsewhere. Note the offset R at the selector – a feature of the RS which was not off centre with the PTW kit.

The embossed Colt Canada script and 2C085 cage code takes away the sharp edges of the PTW iteration, to look more forged than CNC rendered – like the RS.

While not strictly necessary, HAO has kept the NSN ending 98 on the magwell. However, the spacing is improved compared with early batch PTW kits.

The most delicious detail, in my opinion, is a new one. In the pic on the left, HAO has included the keyhole forge mark of the RS lower. This was completely absent from the PTW version. No real change to the NATO script and upper forge mark (right pic), but these were good to go anyway.

Lastly, something else which hasn’t changed between the kits but which is a detail most would miss. The selector exhibits the authentic S script for Schmid Tool, which is Colt Canada’s OEM for some lower parts.

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