I finally got my hands on an RS H&K Battle Grip for my HAO-based CAG HK416D Systema PTW. This last step almost a year after the build was originally ‘completed’ (are they ever truly finished?) but not fielded.

The next step was to actually make the grip work for PTW. Remember, this was prior to Systema’s new Infinity package which allows RS grips to be used unmodded – because the motor is no longer in the grip, but in the gearbox. The H&K Battle Grip is distinct in that it’s a steeper angle than Systema’s motor angle usually allows.

Out came the Dremel and some hours were put in. By hours, I actually mean a couple days. But, with determination and even being told it’s just not worth the time or probably won’t work – I got it done! I definitely could refine the process the next time, knowing it will work.

Next I added a repro EOTech XPS2 by Evolution Gear, to give the build some options. I also opted to use a Cloud Defense pressure pad mount instead of Velcro. Clearly this is much more solid as far as mounting pressure pads to rails is concerned. I have the incorrect head on the Surefire light and although obtainable, I didn’t find it necessary to take the build that far – practicality and ergonomics are king.

So, with a few non-clone parts out of preference, the build still shapes up identifiably.


Parts List

  • 2016 Systema PTW internals w/Tac hop up mod.
  • HAO Systema PTW 416 CAG conversion kit.
  • HAO Surefire 4 prong muzzle break.
  • HAO Surefire 5.56RC Hardcore suppressor.
  • RS Surefire M600 DF.
  • RS Surefire Pressure pad.
  • RS Cloud Defense pressure pad mount.
  • RS Magpul VFG in FDE.
  • RS Magpul CTR stock in FDE.
  • RS H&K Battle Grip.
  • RS LaRue LT751 mount for Aimpoint Micro.
  • Repro VFC PEQ-15.
  • Repro KAC micro flip up sights.
  • Repro Wilcox .410 riser w/front sight riser.
  • Repro Evolution Gear Aimpoint T-2.
  • Repro Evolution Gear EOTech G33.
  • Repro Evolution Gear EOTech XPS2.
  • Repro Wilcox FTS. (Unknown brand)
  • Systema Stanag mag.
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