Let’s get into the build…

I wanted to do a Systema PTW build from scratch. Most of my builds are SBR length setups with suppressors. The URG-I gave me the chance to do something different.

With that said, at first glance I was not a fan of the URG-I’s MK16 rail, which to be fair is arguably it’s most defining feature.

Over the months and months of seeing different builds with the rail, it grew on me – and I just so happened to get my hands on a genuine, NSN marked one.

The pics show my build as inspired by Garand Thumb, and with other accessories. It took a while to get my hands on a decent repro optic, almost forcing me to buy a real one!


Parts List

  • 2013 Systema internals.
  • PDI barrel w/orga flathop.
  • Ferro Concepts slingster.
  • HAO Colt upper and lower.
  • HAO Maritime bolt catch.
  • HAO SF 4 prong break.
  • RWA Milspec buffer tube.
  • Z-parts MK16 outer barrel kit.
  • RS Magpul CTR stock.
  • RS Magpul MBUS pros.
  • RS K2 grip (modified for PTW)
  • RS Castlenut.
  • RS Geissele charging handle.
  • RS Geissele NSN marked Mk16 rail.
  • RS Surefire M600DF.
  • RS Surefire tail cap.
  • RS Surefire ST07 switch.
  • RS M-lok rail covers.
  • RS BCM M-lok sling mount.
  • RS Arisaka defense M-lok inline scout light mount.
  • RS Magpul trigger gaurd.
  • RS B5 Systems sopmod stock.
  • Replica peq-15.
  • Replica Evolution gear vortex razor w/RMR
  • Replica Holy warrior geissele 30mm mount.
  • Replica Evolution gear Eotech (so called FDE).
  • Replica Evolution gear G33 magnifier.
  • Replica PTS PTW Pmag.
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