With their monolithic upper released in February (and sold out), HAO today sends news of its UKSF L119A2 Full 7075-T6 Kit for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System which is now for sale on their website at $1,198.20…with pun intended, I am told (8 = A).

As usual it’s full of HAO goodness, the receiver set composed entirely of 7075-T6, but just look at those stamped trades:

And, the keyhole forge mark on the lower – which not a lot of people know about:

UKSF reference pic
Non-UKSF reference Colt Canada lower

This is certainly one better than HAO’s PTW kit of the same type. As opposed to the PTW kit, the MWS kit comes with an aluminium barrel nut tool, which again looks much nicer.

The full spec is on HAO’s site, but just to mention that we have here a steel, gundrilled barrel – which may feel a little heavy to MWS users, but which is of course more authentic than TM’s standard aluminium barrel.

Available direct from HAO.

For GHK fans, I’m told by HAO’s CEO Bismarck that:

The L119A2 full kit for GHK is currently in progress…

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