Just a bit of signposting and analysis of what we know so far. Systema’s CEO, Kumi, has been very active on Twitter of late; teasing features of Systema’s 2021 PTW.


It’s very much looking like a Version 2.0. The more we learn, the more radical and innovative it becomes.

The big news is there’s no motor in the grip. Instead, everything points to the motor being in the gearbox – and presumably a brushless one at that.

Look – no motor in the grip! Presumably this means full RS grip compatibility with little modification.

Aside from that massive bombshell, the configuration seems to represent an update to the Recoil PTW’s internal form factor, although Kumi’s text which accompanies the following pic talks of a patent.

Inside – some changes, but standardised on the Recoil PTW’s battery mags. Electronics have been moved from a recess at the rear of the lower receiver, to the side of the gearbox.
There also appear to be beefed-up contacts for the battery mag (green arrows). The red arrow shows that the usual mechanical mag empty lever is still a thing.
The article header and this image show what appears to be a motorless grip.

There’s plenty of footage of the 2021 PTW being used and it sounds amazing, to be fair. To me, Systemas sound superb; but just listen to what PTW 2.0 sounds like:

The sound and snappiness may be related to what could be a dual sector gear:

I said radical and innovative, right? It also would explain what Systema has been doing in the last few years. I think it’s fair to say that even hardcore fans like me were disappointed with their Type 89 release, but PTW 2.0 is very cool and I’m sure they’ve been working on it for a long time.

There doesn’t appear to be any recoil in the PTW featured in these videos, so why clear out the buffer tube for a non-recoil version? From initial pics I predicted a solenoid mechanism (fitting in the buffer tube), but that doesn’t seem to have transpired.

PTW 2.0 could be a common platform, for use with or without recoil and the good thing about the buffer tube being empty (if not using the additional recoil parts) is that it should be possible to put the battery there, instead of using battery mags. The grip is also empty, of course.

On the other hand, it may not be a common platform at all. It may simply be dedicated towards a high cycle, low FPS variant; a completely separate offering from the classic Systema PTW and the Recoil PTW variant. Don’t forget that with a DSG you need to use big springs to get the FPS up to decent standards. That takes a lot of torque. Could be the new brushless motor is up to it, though.

Nevertheless, this new form factor has massive repercussions for new models of PTW. I’m sure luxury receiver set designers like HAO will be thinking about this for their forthcoming PTW SCAR – delayed like so much else by the pandemic.

I’m sure we’ll know more soon. The guy in the videos apparently is the writer from Peace Combat, which has an exclusive on the 2021 PTW it its March edition.


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