Nice video from Peace Combat showing off what we now know is called the Systema PTW Infinity Variant.


It seems like earlier suspicions of battery mags across the board were unfounded.

1. Battery in Buffer Tube

There may well be a battery mag version coming out, but there also appears to be a standard version which is rear wired – and that’s fantastic news.

The battery mag version, presumably, is just for the Infinity Recoil Variant.

As can be seen from the pics, there are no battery mag gubbins here and what appears to be a cable going into the stock – presumably to a battery.

Compare this to the earlier image we saw and it’s a different setup.

2. Dual Sector Gear

Use of a Dual Sector Gear is confirmed and the motor can apparently handle a Systema M130 spring.

However, I’m not clear what FPS that generates, because of the cylinder’s half cycle via DSG. This could still be a high cycle, low FPS setup. More info is required.

3. Mosfet Control

The DSG means snappy trigger response and high rate of fire – if desired, because it seems like we’re finally getting mosfet control options, too.

4. Brushless Motor in Gearbox

I’m still marvelling over the alleged brushless motor sitting in the gearbox – making the Infinity Variant more compatible with RS grips.

That selector, though. Nasty.

5. Backwards Compatibility

Note that the lower receiver looks totally normal. That’s because Systema has made Infinity internals backwards compatible – according to sources.

So it’s highly likely a Version Up kit will be available for existing PTW owners to port across.

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